Black Screen Records is a German record label based in Cologne, Germany that focuses on high quality vinyl releases of video game soundtracks. Since the launch in early 2015 their team - consisting of passionate gamers, vinyl collectors and music industry professionals - has been working with Tommy Tallarico, Inon Zur, Jessica Curry, Jesper Kyd, Michael Bross and Jon Everist among others and has released the soundtracks to the critically acclaimed games Earthworm Jim 1 and 2, Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty & Stranger’s Wrath, Another World (Out of This World), Syberia 3, Dear Esther & So Let Us Melt, Velocity 2X, Downwell, Risk of Rain and VA-11 HALL-A on vinyl.

Black Screen Records is cooperating with the leading independent music distributors in the US, UK, EU and Germany and is working closely with the best pressing plant and printers in the world. Our in-house PR team that will take care of marketing and promotes our releases worldwide. We always go in for quality and try to develop an individual packaging for each release - we just don’t want to release music on vinyl, we want to sell a product for fans, collectors and music lovers who enjoy their favourite game soundtracks as much as we do. We produce, distribute and sell high quality collector's editions on audiophile and heavy-weight 180 gram vinyl records, in beautiful packagings with special inserts and vinyl-only bonuses.

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Impressum / Imprint:

Black Screen Records
Kevin Schulz
Pellenzstraße 19
50823 Köln

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